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Originally Posted by brokenprism View Post
Why are FCoulter and Brasso so hostile? KingArthur appears to be calmly stating his position -- he's right, by the way -- and the legalists are not playing nice.

SDA is a well known cult, and cults are populated with unregenerated people who think they're Christians, but the behavior exhibited here argues for what they are: unbelievers with the dangerous weapon of religion in their hands.

You can't hold to SDA doctrines and be regenerated. Here's why: The SCripture says of believers "You have no need that anyone should teach you, for the Spirit Himself teaches you." That's true if you're indwelt by the Spirit. You're only indwelt by the Spirit if you've been born again. If you've been born again and have been indwelt by the Spirit, you cannot hold an unbiblical view.

The SDA 'thing' is to emphasize the keeping of one or two of the Mosaic laws in order to remain in favor with God. The books of Hebrews and Galatians are almost entirely about why Christians are free from the obligations of the law. They say that anyone who wants to keep the law is under a curse, because of course it is impossible to keep the law. The law was given to expose the sinfulness of those who tried to keep it. It adds condemnation; it does not lead to righteousness, it leads to death. To pick one or two of the laws (like observance of the Sabbath) and neglect the rest is fatal, because the deal was that if you offend by breaking only one of the laws, even once, you've broken all of them, so if you've broken one of them, it's over, forever. You get no second chance to 'do better.' Jesus lived a life of perfect obedience to the whole law (in that sense, salvation was by works, but His works, not ours), and died an atoning death on behalf of His people. This frees us from obligation to the law, and to turn back to it is to insult the Spirit of grace and heap judgment on yourself.
Actually, I am an SDA member. To put our doctrine in a nutshell, you can't earn your way to heaven by works. The works that you generate are a litmus test to your relationship with Jesus Christ. It is only by His atoning sacrifice are we saved, and by His power can we do anything at all. The ten commandments written on two tablets by the hand of God are the moral law spoken of by Christ when He said not one jot or title would pass away.

However, it is not the law that saves us, it is Jesus Christ that does. John 3 makes that pretty clear. I think you may have me confused with the other two fellows on this thread.
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