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Originally Posted by Big Bird View Post
Singe wall stove pipe works fine. You can't back the stove up to the wall if its stick frame/drywall construction. Need to give it a foot or more clearance. You can buy the standard stove pipe at any Tractor Supply etc. I think it comes in 3 or 4' lengths and there are 90 degree elbows and wll plates for transition through walls etc.

Like I said...use some common sense. Keep it clean and keep it away from things that burn Don't burn green wood or coniferous woods that create a lot of creosote.

Line the bottom of the stove with some fire brick or use some exapnded mesh to keep the fire off the bottom and it will last a lot longer. Firebricks are cheap but heavy.
Well all stoves have specific individual clearances. And usually the thimble prevents the pipe from touching/burning/ruining plaster/wood/drywall....

Modern stoves (EPA) are already lined with firebricks/ceramic. But the cheap Vogelzangs or the barrel kits...I've seem people say they line them with playground sand. That confuses me. How do you clean it without scooping out the sand?? Wouldn't the ash and sand mix??

But back to the pipe...if what you're saying is true, and I do plan to put my flame suit on and ask it over on the stove forum....that would be SUPER cheap to do!! I'm talking less than $200 for a stove and a chimney to heat an entire home!!


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