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Originally Posted by BonoVox View Post
Bill Gates sells the maximum amount of shares of Microsoft he can sell every quarter. It's called diversification.
Cascade Investment LLC is the secretive private holding company of the software executive. Almost every day the stock exchange has been open for 20+ years, Bill Gates has sold off as much Microsoft stock as he can without lowering its price, paid the taxes, and transferred the proceeds to this holding company. The well respected and successful value investor, Michael Larson, manages it on a full-time basis from the Kirkland, Washington headquarters.

Bill Gates does diversify - but his stock sale reasons far exceed the average investor's ideas about diversification.

My point is Gates probably worries about the dollar just like everyone else and companies like Microsoft are in a poor position if something were to happen.

Originally Posted by cowboy1964 View Post
AFAIK, he could sell off his entire stake all at once if he wanted to (of course the share price would crash).
Would it really crash though? I didn't bother to find out the % of the stock he owns; in reality it might not only not tank, but he might get a premium on it? Just like a hostile takeover, companies pay a premium just to get a controlling or large share of the company.

Again, as it relates to the dollar, Gates has access to any financial planner/investment firm in the country. While I've read he owns shares of Walmart, McDonalds and even a few rail companies to think he doesn't own some bullion seems rash.
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