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Originally Posted by pizza_pablo View Post
STG: '87 - '95
STS: '95 - '07

Sure glad I'm DONE!
I added to your poem. Hope it was ok.:

My Evening Prayer (To the Bad Guys)

Now I lay me down to sleep,

Beside my bed, a Glock I keep.

If I should awake, and find you inside,

A Coroners van, will be your last ride.

Calling 911 is not what I do,

My hands are steady, my aim is true.

Break into my home, and take what is mine?

You create your own funeral, in a very short time.

Please understand,

This is no idle threat,

I WILL protect what is mine,

And with lethal force, you’ll be met.

So do as you will,

Let your conscience decide,

Live and let live,

Or break in, and die.

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