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Originally Posted by cajun_chooter View Post
anyone have a lead on a good/reasonable 6" digital caliper ? i have one now.. but everytime i go to use it the battery is dead... so i am looking to buy a new one..
I've used a Harbor freight 6 inch digital cost me $12 on sale and have changed the battery once in 3 years. I always have a spare in the drawer as I do for any and all my consumer electronics products.

Originally Posted by John43 View Post
Just buy a good grade dial caliper, Starrett or Mitutoya.
For standard pistol reloading the expense is overkill... I have them all in my aviation toolboxes and though vernier calipers do have the advantage of not needing batteries. The fudged factor is actually greater. Much easier and faster to read a digital, if you not actually reading off the ogive of the bullet it doesn't matter being up to 0.003 for pistol.

If you paying to have
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