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Originally Posted by copenhagen2001 View Post
Is dis assembly difficult, for cleaning??? I'm used to my AR, bigger parts I guess.

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Difficult, it's not. A pain the the rectum it is. Most people don't seem to understand just how the parts fit when going back together and get frustrated by the gun. Just follow the instructions in the book, and make sure the hammer strut gets back into the mainspring housing cap. You'll be good to go.

Now getting the new guns apart can be hard.
You will need a rubber mallet and a dowel of some kind. You will have to use the dowel to get the mainspring housing assembly out of the gun.

You will also more than likely will have to use the mallet to knock the upper off.

Now I have had mine apart dozens of times. The mainspring housing no longer needs to be knocked out with a dowel and mallet. The upper on the other hand still needs to be pounded off.

Since my gun has been modified. Getting gunk in my trigger parts was a concern. I built myself a blast shield to protect my trigger parts and because of that no longer have to take the upper off to clean it. I still have to pull the bolt though

Now your gun being the polymer 22/45. Your upper may come off a lot easier. I need no tools to strip my old 22/45.
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