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Originally Posted by Warp View Post
This would only be a consideration IF he still had a controlling interest and he sold all of it to one party, or one all of it + whatever else was available gave the other party a controlling interest.

Plus in a hostile takeover companies don't necessarily pay a premium 'get get a controlling share', they often pay a premium because the target corporation takes steps to try to prevent the hostile takeover by making acquisition more expensive. If he were to just up and sell it there wouldn't be anything 'hostile' about it.
It was just an analogy to just voice my point companies do pay premiums over market stock prices. Gates doesn't own a controlling interest. However, if there was a company who starting buying up stock AND WITH GATES portion could get a controlling interest - they might pay a premium.

However, again my points are simple 1) Gates worries about the dollar just like everyone else 2) If the dollar were to collaspe tomorrow MSFT doesn't own tangible property like land, gold, timber, etc. I'm not sure how extensivly their OPs control systems in say water plants, etc. They would be in more trouble than a company which produces something tangible. 3) Hopefully, Gates gets the type of advice he can afford and someone somewhere is telling him maybe a million shares worth of those stock sales invested in a few thousand acres in [insert your state of choice] or in regular silver/gold purchases over the past ten years isn't such a bad idea.

Point in fact: MSFT over the past ten years has returned an annual percentage of under 3%.

Gold or silver....well, we know where that stands. Hell, even ammo would have been a better investment than MSFT.

I sold my remaining .45 18 months or so ago at about a 230% profit
Now when asked when I think things will change I answer "The next time Thomas (aka the fed) robs Peter (aka the 53%) to pay Paul (aka the 47%) and Peter pulls a gun...things will change"

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