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Originally Posted by Jerry View Post
So I'm guessing "you" don't think it's necessary so no one "needs" it so it's OK to "restrict" it? We don't need cars and motorcycles that go 200 MPH. We don't "NEED" to hunt for food anymore. I could go on all day with a list of the things we don't "NEED". However! In a FREE country people can have what they want whether they need it or not.

Exactly it.

I don't need/even want a full auto firearm, but I'd respect every individual's 2nd amendment right to own one if they wished. I don't get the hype over full autos, and why everyone acts as if it'd be the end of the world if they were not regulated like they are today.

Probably a short answer is, those who own FA right now, would see their investment go down the toilet if it were made legal/unrestricted.
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