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Originally Posted by Jerry View Post
There are many things I have that aren't worth now what they were when I bought them. During the AWB I wanted two "normal" capacity magazines. I paid $70.00 a piece for them. They are now worth about $10.00 or $15.00 used. I paid $500.00 for a used (ex police issue) G20 because it came with two used "normal" capacity mags. I look at it as I paid to play. I believe most FA owners would look at it the same way if they were now able to buy M16s, Tomson's, etc. etc. for fair market value. But we'll probably never have to worry about that.
If the federal gov't becomes unable to support itself, who will enforce the federal laws?

Who knows though. It seems more and more are picking up on firearms, firearms use, and what firearms really do, instead of what they watched on TV. I hope that many of them will see what fully automatics, and everything else class 3 really is - hype that both big gov't RINOs and liberals love to fear monger off and scare people with.
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