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Question about 9mm load

I'm trying to work up a load for my Glock 19. I'm using Unique powder, CCI 500 primers, Hornady 124 grain FMJ Round Nose bullets, and an OAL of 1.15".

My question is about the powder charge. I've worked up to the max in the Hornady reloading manual (5.0 grains), and it still seems a bit light. My G19 will function fine with S&B 115 gr range ammo, but the first reloads I tried (same recipe as I listed above, except I had 4.5 grains of unique instead of 5.0) it was not happy with and would often fling brass back at my face. Same thing when I tried 4.7 grains. I shot 80 rounds with the listed max of 5.0 grains, and for the most part it did okay but there were still some occasional empties flying back at me. I know there is a lot of discussion about glocks doing this right now, but since my gun functions fine with the S&B ammo, and I can tell a noticeable difference in recoil with that vs my reloads, I am chalking this up to weak ammo.

Alliant's website lists the max for a 124 gr gold dot as 5.8 grains of unique with an OAL of 1.12. Since I'm not getting any pressure signs yet, I'd like to increase the powder charge, but I'm nervous about going over the max in the Hornady manual. I'm thinking of trying the following:

124 grain Hornady FMJRN
5.2 grains unique
CCI 500 primer
1.15" OAL

Has anyone tried a similar recipe? I figure this should still be in the margin of safety since it's 90% of the powder charge listed on Alliant's site, with the same OAL that I've been using. How much of a difference would it make if I increased the OAL to 1.16"?

Thanks everyone.
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