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Originally Posted by Batesmotel View Post

Bought two this year for my son. He needed them for an engineering class in high school. The six inch will not return to zero when closed. You need to manually zero each time. And both of them can vary each measurement. He has to measure three times and take an average. He only needs them for a few of the assignments so he is making due. Other kids had the same problem.
I haven't been thrilled with the two I bought. I thought they would be a little handier than the dial calipers I have had for many years. I have the same issue with zero and just plain wrong measurements. Sure, they're only off 0.001" or so, but it's still wrong.

For OAL, no problem. A thousandth here or there simply doesn't matter. The bullets aren't that accurate.

But, for precision rifle and dealing with neck size, neck size bushing diameter, bullet diameter, etc., the inexpensive digitals aren't the way to go.

I finally broke down and bought some very nice micrometers. But this is a specialized application. For pistol loading I image they are fine.

Unfortunately, the digitals are buried in my toolbox and I'm back to using my dial calipers.

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