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Originally Posted by WiskyT View Post
I've run many 124/125 JHP's with 6.0 Unique at shorter COAL than you are. JHP's take up more room in the case than a RN as well. So with a significantly smaller usable case volume, I've run 6.0 Unique with no issues. The late Stephen A. Camp often wrote that it was his favorite 9mm load for hunting.

That said, I chrono'd 5.8 and 6.0 with everything else being equal and found the velocities so close that I just run the 5.8 load now since my Lee disk throws that amount and Alliant approves of it. I get 1240fps out of my G17 with that load and it is equal to factory +P velocities and within non+P pressures.
Wow, that was very informative, thank you. I'm really looking for just a little more oomph, so if 5.2 grains gives me enough that I don't get any more cases to the forehead I'll probably stop there, assuming accuracy is good.

I didn't know that JHPs take up more room in the case, but I also haven't loaded any of them. Would it be safe to assume that something like a Hornady 124 gr FMJ would have a similar depth and pressure characteristics to a Speer 124 gr TMJ?
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