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Originally Posted by Tallahassee View Post
Wow, that was very informative, thank you. I'm really looking for just a little more oomph, so if 5.2 grains gives me enough that I don't get any more cases to the forehead I'll probably stop there, assuming accuracy is good.

I didn't know that JHPs take up more room in the case, but I also haven't loaded any of them. Would it be safe to assume that something like a Hornady 124 gr FMJ would have a similar depth and pressure characteristics to a Speer 124 gr TMJ?
The Sperer manual is pretty close to what most get in real owrld reloading. I have also gone beyond 5.8gr Speer max, but stick w/ book loads.
THink about how a JHP is made. If bullets are the same weight, the mat'l form the HP has to go someplace, so you get a longer bullet.
"Given adequate penetration, a larger diameter bullet will have an edge in wounding effectiveness. It will damage a blood vessel the smaller projectile barely misses. The larger permanent cavity may lead to faster blood loss. Although such an edge clearly exists, its significance cannot be quantified".
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