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Originally Posted by razdog76 View Post
Pressure is not something to mess around with!

I unload my duty weapons very rarely to prevent this. If you have a level surface, you can stand all of the cartridges up and see if any are shorter by laying a straight edge on top.
I spent years making a living measureing parts. I have the precision tools needed, I just need the minimum number. I too have stopped unloading my weapon every time I put it in the safe. I had the habit of the mags and rounds in one safe and the weapons in another. Now the loaded duty weapons go in a single container. I have teenagers in the house and they are weapons schooled, but, I would be negligent if something happened while I was out. Unlike a "Regular" I pull details mostly on weekends and the special occasions and then there are the emergencies. So, my weapon use is impossible to predict. I did just over 80 hours each of the past 3 months and that may jump or slump as the needs of the county vary. Just reading the information here has me concerned about the possibility of me actually needing my weapon only to have a significant issue due to setback and me and or my partner paying a price. Thanks for reinforcing my concerns.
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