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Since I don't like plated bullets and they cost as much as EXCELLENT Montana Gold bullets, I wouldn't know.
However, I do know the Powder Valley is ALWAYS a good place to start. Most people find a company they like and seem to stop shopping on price alone.
Looking at the tjconevera site, you are looking at Berrys 155 gr bullets for $110/1000 (11 cents a bullet).
If you place an order with PowderValley (they are out of stock right now) and wait, you can get Berrys .40 165 gn HBFP-TP for $103.75/1000--just over 10 cents/bullet.
Now, I can't afford to spend that much money on bullets that only give ME about 4" groups at 25 yards on a good day, but your gun may be a real tack-driver with them.
My .40s all prefer lead bullets.
I prefer Bootheel Bullets .40 155 gr L-SWC for $68/1000--just under 7 cents/bullet. These will give me groups under 2" all day in all my .40s.
Another EXCELLENT cast bullet is the .40 155 gn L-SWCSWC for $59.78/1000--just under 6 cents/bullet. These are designed after the H&G #68 200gn L-SWC that is so great in the .45 Auto and are just a little less accurate in my main .40 then the bootheel bullet.
Next up in accuracy would the 175gn L-SWCs from various sources, but I haven't priced or bought any lately.
If I had the money to spend on jacketed/plated bullets, or I had to buy jacketed to shoot indoors, I would be looking at Montana Gold or Precision Delta. I would really look to Zero Bullets first, but they haven't had bullets available since just before BHO took office.
I would skip right past the FMJ and CMJ and go right to the JHP.
At Montana Gold, the .40 cal 165 gn JHP is $150.00/100 (rather pricey, but NOT compared to Hornady, Speer, or Nosler for equal quality) or $328/2700--or 12 cents a bullet for a tack driver. For the additional 1-2 cents/bullet, I get a much more accurate and consistent bullet. Since I shoot about 800-1000 bullets a month, I don't see a 1200 bullet order as particularly large and I would rather, if I could, stock up NOT than wait to see what prices and demand will be after Nov.
At Precision Delta, the .40 165gn FMJ-FN (sorry, they don't have a CMJ) is $120/1000 or $118/1000 for 6000--or 12 cents a bullet.
So, if you don't like or can't use lead, then you are probably doing quite well with what you have, but you might want to look at PowderValley.
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