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Should be a sticky topic

Epidemics, like water filters, should be a sticky topic.

As everyone freaks out, please understand the following:

1. so long as humans travel - (a once in a lifetime pilgrimage to the Dome of the Rock), fly to Merida, Mexico for vacation, make an obligatory summer on a Kibbutz - epidemics will go everywhere. My grandfather died of the "Spanish flu" in 1917. Despite the lack of paved roads, no air travel and limited railroads, it went everywhere in the world with the exception of one island.

2. the "flu" travels around the world about three seasons before enough people have gained an immunity or had a low dose.

3. the "flu shot" is a combination of 3-5 purportedly dead flu viruses that are expected to circle the globe;

4. you cannot isolate yourself in a castle surrounded by a moat like in the French book, The Red Death.

5. you can minimize your risk of exposure by frequently washing your hands and wearing 95 or 100 face masks.

6. there are viruses for which there will simply not be enough time to manufacture any effective vaccine.

I live near LAX. My girlfriend handles cargo operations of an international airline. Am I going to avoid an epidemic? No.

We have members who live in Maine and Alaska. Yeah, I know, they are going to be safe - until an infected relative shows up or a guy and his family who camped in the area last summer who is trying to avoid the plague. And just how was the 1917 flu finally studied? The scientists dug up a well preserved Eskimo woman who had died of the 1917 flu and studied the virus! So much for the dream of bugging out!!!!
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