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Originally Posted by countrygun View Post
That is a flat-out lie

Remains have been identified for every person on that flight, some through DNA. Four sets of remains are still unidentified which corresponds to the number of hijackers and the lack of DNA exemplars (obviously) for them.
If seven hijackers were found to be alive and well AFTER 09-11-2001, wouldn't it be prudent to not identify ANY of the hijackers remains with regards to DNA?

I mean after all, to claim you've identified a speck of bone to a DNA certainty belongs to said, Joe Blow Terrorist, and then all the sudden said, Joe Blow Terrorist, shows up on a beach in Miami with his family in tow, such an occurrence make your entire "investigation," as far as DNA, a total crock now wouldn't it?

No, the prudent thing to do, AFTER THE FACT THAT AT LEAST SEVEN OF THE TERRORISTS WERE FOUND TO BE A LIVE AND WELL FOLLOWING 09-11-2001, is to claim, "Here are four different DNA profiles, which do not matched anyone else on the plane's manifest. Yeah, these have to belong to the terrorists on the flight."

Unfortunately, if they did identify the DNA profiles for the hijackers and were later found to be wrong, this fact would also belie the DNA certain identification of the passengers and crew members, which would really blow the lid of the entire cover up; so understanding, some people have worked hard to eviscerate, or cremate if you will, all the inherent and intrinsic human qualities when it comes to the ability to care for others in this world.

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