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Glock Serial Number Research Project v4

This information is available at where you can enter your information yourself. It also has search and sort functionality that you just can't get out of a forum posting. I recommend you update your information there.

This is a database of owner supplied data.

If you don't find yours listed, look in your paperwork for the little brown envelope containing two fired casings. What's the date on that envelope? Don't have it? Then please call GLOCK, US Inc. and ask them.

The website was derived from years of work on the Glock Talk forum by the users MakeMineA10mm, Dandapani and GSD17. They obviously put untold hours updating the original threads and it is an amazing compilation.

The purpose of this list is to be a resource for people who wonder what the "born-on" date of their GLOCK is, and to provide a historical record, which, if ever it is complete enough, can indicate some information about caliber trends, model popularity, production changes, etc.


1. It doesn't matter if you have information that is similar to what someone else has. There is a thousand possibilities for each three letter prefix and that doesn't count suffixes. As long as you have different information than what is already existing, please add it. HOWEVER, there is no reason to have three entries for SNR*** G-17 with no generation or SNR*** with no model or BoD.

2. You can decide how much of your serial number you want posted. When entering the serial put in as much of it you would like to be shown and the system will pad the remainder with asterisks. i.e. If you enter SNR123 it will display as SNR123, but if you enter SNR1 it will display as SNR1** and if you enter SN it will display as SN****.

4. Do not use any X's unless that is part of your serial number. Do not put pound/hash marks (#) or spaces anywhere in the serial number. Any of these things will mess up the sorting and display. i.e. if your actual serial number is SNR123 these are Good Entries: SNR123 or SNR1 or SNR ...and these are Bad Entries: SNR 123 or SNRXXX or SNR###

5. If you still decide to post in this thread instead of using the website, please use the following format:

Here is an excellent thread by DJ Niner with pictures and description about the different generations and differentiating features.

originally posted by DannyR
The G17, G17L, G22, G24, G31, G34, G35 and G37 share the same frame.
The G19, G23, G32 & G38 share the same frame.
The G26, G27, G33 & G39 share the same frame.
The G20 & G21 share the same frame.
The G29 & G30 share the same frame.
The G36 frame is unique to the G36.
Originally posted by trozau
The 3 letters represent the barrel test fire date code:

The first letter is for the month:

The last two letters are for the year:
as taken from GLOCK Annual '12, my notes in [brackets]
1963 Gaston Glock founds GLOCK Ges.m.b.h. in Austria
1980 GLOCK approached by Austrian military to design new pistol
1982 Austrian Army contracts with GLOCK for the Pistol 80/G17 [this is the start of the 1st Generation]
1984 GLOCK 17 is tested and approved by NATO; Norway adopts it
1986 GLOCK, Inc., opens in [Smyrna, GA] U.S.; 1st GLOCK 17s arrive; G18 introduced
1987 Miami, Florida Police Department adopts the GLOCK 17
1988 Introduction of the GLOCK 17L and 19
1989 2nd Generation Frame (checkered) introduced [from Armorer course, 2nd Gen G-17 starts FG000]
1990 G22 & G23 (.40) introduced; G20 received; A. Valdes wins IPSC World Championship with 17L
1991 G21 (.45 Auto) offered for sale; GLOCK Sport Shooting Foundation formed
1994 Introduction of the GLOCK 24 (.40)
1995 Introduction of the revolutionary subcompacts: G26 & G27 [and G25]
1997 Introduction of the the G29 & G30 [and G28]
1998 Introduction of the GLOCK "Practical/Tactical" G34 & G35 [and G31, G32, G33 - third gen frame starts]
1999 [G36 introduced]
2004 Introduction of the G37 in .45 G.A.P.
2005 Introduction of the G38 & G39
2007 Introduction of the G21 SF (Short Frame)
2008 Introduction of the G30SF
2009 The Rough Textured Frame 2 (RTF2) is introduced
2010 The Gen4 GLOCKS arrive; the G22, G17, G19, G23
The original post had information regarding Upgrades, as GLOCK refers to them, but you may refer to them as Recalls. That information isn't directly relevant to this thread and can be found on the website posted above.

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