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Originally Posted by kpuscg04 View Post

Have you seen this? Costa sold out in about 5 min, but the next run is sopposed to be out soon. It should also come in black.

Full disclosure: being a Coastie, I am required to endorse anything Costa makes/does .
That is pretty cool.

They need an all black option though.

I guess I should update this thread. I went extremely simple. I have a Bianchi Accumold belt. With the clicky buckle in the middle.

When it is clicked, there is a void there right in the middle with no equipment. I grabbed two more new PMAGS and connected them with a maglink. The two mags slip right between the buckle on my duty belt perfectly. It sounds stupid, but it actually works.

I have my rifle/SG case in my trunk along with my patrol bag. I like to keep my passenger seat open for tactical/safety reasons. I've got it down to a science. Grab my AR, which has a 30 round mag in it. I have a 20 rounder on my belt no matter what, so there is 50 rounds of 5.56...

Then, on my patrol bag is a spot with the two PMAGs. I can easily grab them and put them on my duty belt in between the buckle. It looks like it belongs there! Pretty sturdy. I timed it with another officer who has the drop leg going on and beat him by about 12 seconds in readiness.

A third officer was quicker but he has a 5.11 man purse as linked above. He just throws it on over his sling. I produced some issues for him. He had a hard time transitioning from right to left handed shooting because his sling gets wrapped up with the man purse strap. It looks like it will cause problems going over a fence too, which is hard enough with an AR (we train for it).

I'll take some pics when I get back to work but its pretty slick.
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