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Who is Peace Warrior?

He/she is an anonymous internet poster who by his own admissions was not present at the WTC site during or after the attack.

He acknowledges not having been a part of the investigation.

He admits that all of his theories stem from his extensive watching of internet conspiracy theorist websites.

He admits having no engineering or law enforcement background.

However, despite all of that he presents himself as an expert and demands that you believe his unfounded theories and distorted half truths.

Who am I? A retired Lieutenant of the NYPD. I was present at the WTC during the attacks and for four months afterwards at both the WTC and the landfill where subsequent evidence recovery was conducted upon the debris that had been removed off-site.

I worked the investigation intimately and along with the FBI and ATF. I was present at numerous briefings in the weeks after the event which detailed the status of the ongoing investigation and sought input from those of us working the sites.

I recovered evidence, both physical as well as human remains.


I do, however, ask that you trust in the physical evidence and the intensity of the investigation conducted.

Don't put your trust and faith in a nameless internet poster whose knowledge is derived solely from internet conspiracy websites.

Base your judgements on the evidence recovered and the timelines of the event as they have been established through the detailed and thorough investigations that were conducted by professionals. Men and women who were deeply invested in the case and who had no agenda other than to find the TRUTH. People who swore oaths to uphold and defend the constitution and to serve and protect the American public.

That's who I request the readers put their faith in and trust.

The decision is up to you.
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