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Originally Posted by PrecisionRifleman View Post
I'm talking about set back that van occur when rechambering a carry load multiple times. Crimping helps prevent this although I personally haven't had a problem with that myself. I just rotate the round from the chamber for one that was in the magazine.

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If you are crimping a straight wall cartridge hard enough to prevent setback, you are crimping too hard. The crimp should be just enough to close up the case mouth and not hard enough to indent the bullet. Neck tension should hold the bullet.

Plated bullets don't work well when the plating has been damaged by a crimp.

I don't reload carry rounds, I buy them. I try to rotate them but, for what they cost, I don't shoot them very often.

As to my reloads? When they go into the magazine the brass will soon be on the ground. I don't think I have ever rechambered a reload.

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