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Originally Posted by cowboy1964 View Post
I doubt you'll find anything less expensive than Berry's. Berry's has free shipping. Do the places like Powder Valley that sell Berry's have free shipping?
No but Precision Delta and Montana Gold have free shipping.
I just ordered some LSWC from ZCast and 2000 ship for a $13 fee. You just have to love USPS Priority Mail: "If it fits, it ships!".


Nothing wrong with Berry's plated bullets if you are keeping velocity below 1200 (which you are with 165 or 180 .40s). I've loaded many thousands of 124gr 9mm Berry's, never have had a complaint.
Except for the fact that they don't publish a single load. Everybody has to figure it out for themselves using the "somewhere between mid-range lead loads and mid-range jacketed loads".

They'll shoot but the price difference between Berry's and Precision Delta jacketed bullets isn't compelling.

Yes, I did load some Berry's and, yes, they worked ok. For now I will stick with PD.

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