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Originally Posted by Peace Warrior View Post
I mean after all, to claim you've identified a speck of bone to a DNA certainty belongs to said, Joe Blow Terrorist, and then all the sudden said, Joe Blow Terrorist, shows up on a beach in Miami with his family in tow, such an occurrence make your entire "investigation," as far as DNA, a total crock now wouldn't it?

Step off the Disorient Express at the next stop.

The remains of all of the passengers were identified, everyone on the flight manifest.

There were four sets of remains left. Gee a coincidence that the passengers on their cell phones reported 4 hijackers?

Is it surprising to you that the 4 terrorists didn't give DNA samples to the "International Terrorist DNA Collectors Club" before they left on their mission?

You are a fracking loon. You didn't get enough attention, or the right kind, as a child and now you seek any kind of attention you can get to make yourself feel "special"
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