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Originally Posted by Aux Bear View Post
I picked up 150 rds. of new .180 Rangers. Now I will grab my caliper and for Chuckles and Grins I'll measure and record all my current duty carry rounds to see where they are today, and sample the new ones as a comparison. Back later with the info for anyone who is interested. Thanks for all the input everyone! It is appreciated.
I got a spec sheet from Winchester's website for the .40 JHPs I use. Per the sheet, the OAL is 1.110. I checked several of the .40 rounds that have been chambered repeatedly, and they came in at that spec. However, I did find one round that came in at 1.100. It looks more beat up than the others, so I suspect that one was chambered more than the others. That one round has been set off to the side - it's not worth risking my weapon or my hand.

Aux Bear, thanks for staring this thread!
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