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Originally Posted by brisk21 View Post
Yeah I have spoke to a guy at work about it that is one. I guess I was a little cautious about asking questions because I don't like being invasive about ones privacy. Mabye I'll bring it up again.
i feel like i can speak for him. you aren't being invasive. it is a journey we take to become better men. as it was explained to me, it makes good men better. at first, i wqas taken aback. won't lie. it has helped me to realize a lot about me. as a husband, a father, and a person. i have made some fine friends in all walks of life. yoiu'll see a decal on a lot of cars

2b1 ask1

we'll explain to the best of our abilities. there is nothing demeaning to your, or any religion, nor will you ever be asked to put it above your family. our lodge recently had a dinner where we all brought our wives (or s.o.....the lone bachelor of our lodge), i think my wife enjoyed it more than i did. here in pa, there is even a masonic motorcycle group (NOW, we're talking)

looking back, i wish i had asked my father, or brother in law's father more about it before they passed (my dad was a mater mason, b.i.l.'s was a past master), and i wished i had taken my first step in this journey much earlier.

ask your co-worker. i get the feeling he'll be happy to tell you what you need to know.
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