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Originally Posted by Kentguy View Post
Anyway I was wondering - If you are not casting your own, who's lead bullets do you use? and why? Is it price or performance?
I did the same search as you a few months ago. Missouri Bullet Co. is always mentioned, and nearly always highly recommended.

I like the fact Missouri Bullet Co offers a wide range of choices, even within specific caliber projectiles. Orders ship on time, no lengthy waits. Pricing is competitive.

My experience with their 115gr. 9mm LRN, 158gr .357 LSWC, and 230gr. .45 ACP LRN is positive. If I do my job right, the projectiles do their job.

I'm trying out some Bear Creek 230gr Moly coated .45 ACP LRN's. They're ok so far. Less smokey than a lubed cast projectile. I'm still on the fence on them. Moly is hygroscopic & needs to be cleaned out after every range trip. I've noticed that it takes a little longer to clean the bore after using moly projectiles.

If I leave some moly behind in the bore, there is a possibility of rust due to moly being hygroscopic. I don't have that same worry when shooting a regular lead hard cast projectile.


I don't own any firearms with a polygonal rifled barrel. The generally accepted rule is not to fire non-jacked ammo from a polygonal rifled barrel. If you do, lead build up will lead to a catastrophic failure.

Some individuals fire non-jacketed ammo through a polygonal rifled barrel and claim that there is no problem.
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