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I believe in some cases erratic ejection is caused by an out-of-spec extractor because replacing it fixes the problem. However with recent production Glocks I believe it's more commonly caused by something else, I believe with my Gen3 G27 that the slide was cut incorrectly having the effect of the extractor not firmly holding the rim of the casing to the breech face, only a "Gen4" 28926 ejector would fix the ejection. I tried the extractor from my Gen3 G23 which ejects fine, it made very little difference, only the 28926 ejector would fix it.

With the .45 models there is no new ejector. I've never owned one, but most of the cases of erratic ejection I've heard of in .45 Glocks were fixed by a replacement extractor. That would suggest mostly it's caused by out-of-spec extractors in the .45 models, which is easy enough to fix.
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