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Originally Posted by plateshooter View Post
... The only ejection issues I have had is with some wuss 45 reloads that I made for another gun...

Never a jam or failure of any kind, just some casings dropping at my feet. Full power loads run perfectly.

I am really happy with the gun.
I completely agree here. I've found that Power Pistol and Longshot work best with .451 230 gr. loads (I use Hornady FMJ and XTP projectiles) on the heavier-side of the power scale, and the brass ejects just fine. More importantly, it reloads just fine. I haven't ruined/cracked any cases yet with my loads.

My nightstand pistol is a G21 (not even an SF model, but the full size 2X4 grip model) which was an LE trade-in, outfitted with TruGlo TFO sights and a Crimson Trace laser.

When the Gen4 was available, I knew that I had to get one, and I haven't been disappointed at all.

Enjoy whichever model you go with!
Ammo by Dillon and Hornady

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