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Originally Posted by 1gewehr View Post
I don't know a single MG owner, including the several dealers I know well, who would hesitate a second about choosing to see that stupid, unconstitutional Hughes Amendment go away. Dealers would see a much higher rate of sales that would more than compensate for the devaluing of some of their inventory. As for me, I still want that MG-42!

Those old 1921 and 1928 Thompsons (and most other C&Rs) won't lose a penny of value, though.

If I'm not mistaken, I've seen some supposed owners post on various gun boards saying it's not "fair" for them.

I don't agree with them, and who knows if they really even own or don't own a FA. It's speculation as far as that goes. What's not fair is the 2nd amendment being desecrated.

You're probably right on the older FAs not losing value. The newers m4s or ak-47s would though. Again, I don't agree with this logic, just saying how it is.
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