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Self-Well I'm back and all went well. I had some questions as always,and ask the nurse,just what is that thing .
Nurse-What thing ?
Self-How could you possibly ask me what thing ,That,I point!
Nursre-Oh,that monitors your brain activity?
Self-then why is it "Flat-lined" all the time ?
Nurse-It's not,it records on the in-side.
Self-I have given it a name you know?
Nurse-You have and what would that be ?
Self- Dango-3PO ..............!
Nurse-Well I'm not gonna touch that one !
Self-Tough me here ........
Self-I get a big old smile and she leaves!
Self-Well it's back to me and me again and happy pill is kicking!
Self-I feel it,really,washing over my face and down my body,wow!
Self-I am amazed I can still feel anything !
Self-What are these wonderful pills?Kick-ass whatever they are?
Self-When I get out I want some of these suckers!
Self-Gotta watch it,too much of a good thing ?
Self-Go away,let me enjoy,I feel no pain,no guilt,go away!
Self-Good idea but I can't go away for I am me !
Self-I just b***h-slapped myself.
Self-Must not be enough,buzz the nurse.
Nurse-What's wrong,are you OK ?
Self-Time for woe is me act , yes?I still hurt a "little"!
Nurse-Let me see,I'll be right back .
Self- What a ham,a shlamlie,easy prey for the master !
Nurse-Well here you go , this should help.
Self-Now i'm cross-eyed,all is good.One request nurse!
Nurse-And what would that be may I ask?
Self-May you perhaps change the mg. to maybe mm.?
She laughs and says you are still funny that's good.
Self-That did the trick,me and myself are both chillin!
Self-So now what?what do I do now?
Self- Absolutely nothing,just enjoy the wanders off medicine!
Self-You mean lie here and scratch my nose?
Self-Yes that is exactly what I mean.Time to "Shut-up".

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