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Hard to explain -IE keeps opening a new window

I have been doing stock market research for years and years.

Use the same brokerage account as my starting point -

It use to be - when I clicked on an item -

Say IBM overview page - it would open a new window - so I had 2 open at the same time - my general account page and the IBM overview page -

If I wanted to look at their earnings history - I click on the tab for "EARNINGS HISTORY" (on the IBM overview page) --

It would go to the earnings history page - but NOT open a new window in IE. The IBM overview page just became the earnings history page.

Now every item I click on opens a new IE window - so after an hour or so of research I have 50 separate IE windows open.

If I try and update IE - it tells me I have the latest version -

Any way to control when a new IE window is opened or not?

It is getting to be a PITA closing all of these windows.

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