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33rnd mags for Home Defense: Liability?


Is there a major liability concern with using the glock 33rnd stick mags in a home defense gun? I have a G17 gen 4, and to me, it makes sense to have as many rounds with you as possible, but that the odds of bringing a spare mag with you in that sort of situation may be slim. I can see some lawyer pulling a "those are the same mags used by Jared Loughner" or something to that effect though.

2nd question: Just switched to the G17 from a G23, and grabbed some carry ammo in the store. I know you always seem to reccommend gold dots, and I wanted either those, HST or ranger T, but what they had was federal hydra shok 124grn standard pressure, or corbon 135grn flex lock. I ended up grabbing some of the hydra shok. Is that an acceptable self defense round or are there better options out there?
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