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Not really tactical, but I call it practical tactical. My do it all 870 Super Magnum, this is HD set up, this barrel is the 21" turkey barrel which is perfect for HD and 3 gun I feel, but have a slug barrel and 28" barrel for hunting and trap. Just got done refinishing the ugly blonde stock in a custom stain and poly.

Tactical Shotguns

Just finished up this build. Always wanted a Marine shotgun so found a steal on a new 500 Mariner. Added a ATI Talon stock which is awesome and really helps with recoil, a ATI shell holder rather than the cheek riser, Meprolight front night sight, and a laserlyte tube rail for a light.

Tactical Shotguns

And the two together

Tactical Shotguns
G19, G22 RTF2, G22, G34
Sig M11a1, Sig P938
Remington R1 enhanced SS

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