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Originally Posted by lonewolf01 View Post
Oh no. You violated his response format rule...two bullet limit. No soup for you!
I know... I'm really surprised that so many can't follow some simple format rules!

Originally Posted by hpracing007 View Post
And again, that's assuming an even distribution, which it probably isn't.
How do you think a moonbat or wingnut candidate would fare if the majority of the distribution fell in the middle and their respective messages only resonated with the lunatic fringe?

Originally Posted by hpracing007 View Post
I swear I'm not trying to be racist but they should find some half black/half Mexican guy. Or maybe just a Mexican guy. Or a women. But one who has the values of the party.
They have most of those- the problem is that those individuals rose to prominence based on their membership in a traditionally non-Republican group... not their intelligence.

Remember the Pizza Man they had back when this all started?

Originally Posted by Goaltender66 View Post
I don't think Romney is really the poster child of social conservatism.
Yeah, he's just an anti-Choice, anti-Gay, anti-Science, Mormaniac.

Originally Posted by Glock30Eric View Post
GOP needs to disbands the party into several parties.
I'm saying jettison the Kooks and watch the whole situation get better.
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