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Self-Well ,I'm back and lost a few hours?Who knows?
Self-I'm expecting a visit from Rod Serling any moment!
Self-Don't I mean Outer-Limits ?
Self-I don't know what I mean,you know what I mean?
Self-No but I'm used to never know what anything ?
Self-They called that spontinuity,never did know what I might say or do?
Self-So ,I'm saying I have no idea what I might say next?
Self-Yeap.It just flow-eth from somewhere out there!
Self-And when did I first notice this problem?
Self-What problem............?I ain't got no problem ?
Self-There are millions of people out there right now watching
your self not talking to yourself but typing to yourself, Hmm?
Self-I am beyond humility,modesty and such matters!
Have I no pride left,I got an ass-less gown on and some total stranger wipes my butt and I ask about pride?
Self-True that again,them playing with your brain gives
violated a whole meaning don't it?
Self-Now you got it,a beaver shot ain't nothin,this is somethin!
Self-They have seen well beyond my anus,my soul ?
Self-Yeap,now what do I have to be shy about?
Self-Maybe you got somethin goin here ?
Self-Nooowww what am I talking about ? Hmmmm?
Self-I have reach the maturity of a five year old!
Self-I have no idea what I am saying ?................??
Self-Easy,true to the bone,nothing left to hide,like a child!
Self-I think I took too much happy "pill" today.....?
Self-Not at all,just an open book,loved,laughing and lucky!
Self-It's kind of fun to be insane,just don't care,do I ?
Self-I care but, about the right things,deep **** !
Self-Just don't ever show them a picture of me,you know?
Self-True that.They will go through thinking,do I know this Guy? Could this be my neighbor? Hmmm?
Self-I might even be a relative,scary ain't it ?I might even be your wife ?
Self-Enough,you may have scared them away !
Self-There tough,they can take it !

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