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Originally Posted by robhic View Post
I'm sure this has been discussed but I can't seem to find the correct search combination to track it or something similar down. So let me ask:

I normally use either Remington Golden Saber 124gr JHP +P Bonded or similar Gold Dots in my G26 and G19.

I also have some 9BPLE (or Gold Dot) 115gr JHP +P+ and thought about it last night loading a carry mag. I've heard people using the 9BPLE for carry. It is a good round, proven and all, but it seems to me that a 115 gr bullet at that pressure (+P+) would be more liable to pass through a target.

The bit heavier 124 gr +P seems like a better balance of weight and power to be slightly more effective plus not pass through so readily.

I also remember seeing a chart of ALL types and caliber ammunition penetration posted a month or so ago (I think it was by SAMMI?) but cannot seem to find the right magic combination of terms to search effectively for that either.

Anybody with thoughts on the 115 vs. the 124 bullet question is appreciated and if someone knows the chart of which I speak, I'd appreciate a point in that direction, also.

Thanks for all input.
Penetration uses up the kinetic energy of the bullet. For each tiny increment of the bullet's penetration it gives up energy at a rate proportional to the square of its speed, but the KE of the bullet is proportional to the product of its mass and the square of its speed. So for the same KE a heavier bullet is moving slower and so gives up its KE at a slower rate. This allows it to penetrate further because it is loosing energy at a slower rate. The result is that the lighter faster bullet has less penetration but a wider zone of damage than the heavier bullet. The fact based reputation of the 115gn +p+ loadings is precisely because of their wider zone of damage. This does not mean that in some circumstances more penetration would not be better but on average the 115gn +p+ is superior.

Unfortunately your intuitive feelings about balance have led you to a conclusion at odds with the reality.

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