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Originally Posted by Sharkey View Post
Just be your own god, that is what most people want. Maybe you'll find happiness, maybe not.

Me, I'll continue to believe in the "mythology" of a personal relationship with the Savior. Surprisingly with such crack pop thinking. I've been able to do my job for 22 years, been married going on 10, and never been to a mental institution. Crazy, I know......

I must admit, I do have a fondness for hot Asian females or Meskins or Caucasian, or Blacks...... Why must we play the race card with our mythical god and come on, a female god? Please.
Race card? No race card here. I find brown girls such as messican, asian, or middle eastern more attractive than others. It's just my preference, and since we're coming up with an imaginary friend for ME that is why that was in my curriculum. If you want an imaginary friend, you can have yours any color or gender you prefer. No harm, no fowl.

Originally Posted by Altaris View Post
Exactly what we are trying to do, fight evil. That is why the hot Asian rides a bear and wields a battle axe. That is also why we need guns and dogs. All to fight evil. The drinking and sex get us prepared and in the right mind set to fight off the evil.

I like the way you think sir! Good justification of our religion.

Now..... What should we call it? It needs a name that lets everyone know, we don't take $#^$ from anyone!

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