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Originally Posted by KalashniKEV View Post
These contradictions are part of the problem- he opposes "assault weapon" ownership, but promises not to do anything about it. He opposes abortion, but promises not to do anything about it. He created American socialized medicine, but promises to repeal Obamacare.

Maybe once he has power, you put him in front of the right audience and he changes his mind...

The US voter doesn't give a darn about contradictions, else Obama wouldn't have been elected.

Anti Stem Cell research for one...
Anti embryonic stem cell research, and it's a very defensible argument to be opposed to harvesting embryos for stem cells. Hell, even Clinton didn't support it.

What else?
The US Air Force has started including tax protester literature in the emergency supplies of their aircraft. If the plane crashes in a remote area, the crew is instructed to read the pamphlets and Goalie will be along shortly to rebut them.

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