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Originally Posted by OctoberRust View Post
It shows you do not understand government, and have never done any real studies on it. Get back to us once you find an Anarchy that realistically provides more freedom than a constitutional republic. I don't even think freetown of Christinia does.
Freedom is not "provided by the state," since freedom is an absence of forced coercion, and the defining tool of the state is coercion itself. Try "not buying government services" with your income, and then let me know how free you are (if they'll let you use a computer from your cell block).

If you propose a government with the size and scope of the original USA, you are already at least 90% to anarchy. And if you realize that modern, fully developed markets can easily supply many services that may have initially been a problem for markets 200 years ago, you are at least 99% to anarchy. At some point, the distinction between a limited state and a non-existent one becomes unimportant.
Taxation is violence against the innocent. And all of the worship for political agendas cannot change that simple fact.
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