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Range Report...

Well I made it to the range tonight in the snow. Yes, you read that correctly. It actually snowed here.

Anyway I wanted to try the new sights out first with a shorter distance of 25 feet. Our indoor range has a max distance of 50-ish feet. I usually use the 25 mark to "warm-up". With the Big Dots, I could drill about a 2" hole in the target at 25 feet, but would be all over the paper at 50 feet. Keep in mind I only shoot once a week, and just picked this G30 up in May of this year.

After my first few shots with the new sights I thought I had made a HUGE mistake with these sights! I knew these Ameriglo's weren't going to point like the Big Dots, so I adjusted my point of aim to right below the target. The result: I STILL shot high by about 4"-5". I was pissed, and thinking of how quickly I could get a set of standard dot sights on my pistol. However since I was already out at the range, I figured I'd try to adjust and see what I could do. I mean how much worse could I get???

So I decided to really go for broke and move out to 50' to see how the sights were for a distance that the Big Dot's didnt' do well at. Thanks to my handy-dandy new sight pusher I was spot on for windage - It was the elevation that was killing me. I adjusted my POA down even more and BINGO, I was back in the black (8/9/10 rings are black on our targets), and getting a decent grouping.

My normal session is 150 rounds, and I usually start to go downhill a little towards the end. However with another change I made this week (installing a Ghost Rocket connector, and swapping out the striker spring from #6 to a 5.5), my arms weren't tired, and I was able to do 200 rounds. The thing that REALLY shocked me was how accurate I was with the last 50 rounds. That's when I got the sights dialed and really only broke the #8 ring on a few rushed shots.

These sights are VERY different from the XS Big Dots formerly installed on my gun, but after giving them a chance, I think they fit the bill pretty well. I remember not being super accurate with the Big Dots right off the bat, either, so this should not come as a surprise. What WAS a surprise was how fast I got acclimated to the new sights and how much better the accuracy was at 50' with them. THAT was the key for me.

I'll keep plugging away at them for now, and hopefully I'll start consitently hitting 2" and 3" groups at 50'.

Thanks again for the input everyone!
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