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Originally Posted by dhgeyer View Post
I have never understood the Glock safety trigger concept. It is designed so that you can't pull the trigger unless you pull the trigger. Makes no sense to me.

OK, you can't pull just one side of the trigger, and this might save someone getting it caught in clothing or something. I wonder if it has ever done any good.

What is the thought process really?
The Glock trigger safety is widely misunderstood. It is in fact one of three drop safeties. Without it, if the pistol was dropped on the rear of the slide the acceleration could make the trigger bar heavy enough to release the firing pin and fire the pistol as though the trigger had been pulled. In the same direction of acceleration, the trigger safety is ballanced about its mid point pivot and so is unaffected and continues to block the weight of the trigger bar, thus preventing the pistol from firing.

The trigger safety has no function or design intention to prevent the trigger being pulled back by anything -finger, jacket toggle, shirt and so on - that is pressing against the trigger except in the rare event that something is pressing just against the trigger without pressing on the trigger safety.

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