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Originally Posted by sps View Post
Hey Slayer,I'm a .308 guy all the way. ar-10t-fal, just never got in to 5.56/.223. Now I'm not knocking them,I just never used one much. I carried an m-14 and sometimes an m-60.
I'm getting older and softer I guess-7.62 got some recoil to it so I bought an Armalite m-15 a4 rifle. It is a flat top with a 20" barrel- all milspec. I bought the removable carry
handle and front sight for it. I am going to buy a nikon m series or p series scope that's made for .223 rifles. The rifle shoots awesome,I love this thing and it is a ball to shoot.
I already have an older armalite in .308 so I know they build quality rifles. A buddy of mine said it's almost impossible to find a used Armalite for sale so that should tell you something, nobody gets rid of them. Take a look at them .
That Armalite sounds interesting.

I'll probably let a lot of women shoot this gun, too. So the .223 fits in with that. I do NRA pistol, but sometimes we have events and include long guns for them to try. The Saiga is a hit with them, but the mag change is not intuitive on it.

I like the idea of a fixed stock, but I realize adjustable is flexible for letting other shooters try. In the end, I'll pick what I like, but was just thinking of potential uses for it, like letting newbies try it out
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