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Originally Posted by beforeobamabans View Post
What Romney proved last night is that he is the big government "moderate" Rockefeller RINO we all knew he was in the primaries which was why we all supported more conservative candidates.
OK, so let's go through your bullets.

Last night we learned that his tax "cuts" are smoke and mirrors (no net reduction due to elimination of deductions),
First, Romney has been touting a revenue-neutral restructuring of the tax code since the primaries, so saying you just learned it last night seems odd to me.

That said, lowering rates and eliminating deductions makes perfect sense since it puts incentive back where it work harder and earn more to put in your pocket...instead of where it is now, which is to spend your extra earnings on government-approved things in order to gain a deduction.

Taken to its extreme, would you prefer a high tax rate with a bunch of deductions written into a labrynthine code, or a low flat tax rate with no deductions at all?

that he WILL borrow from the Chinese if he can spend it on the military, that he won't touch entitlement spending and therefore really won't reduce net spending at all,
I combined these two because I think you have too. The acid test Romney used was if a program isn't worth borrowing from the Chinese to fund, it would be eliminated. PBS seems pretty clear under that formula. Obamacare definitely. Free cell phones? Yep.

But the big drivers are SS, Medicare, and Medicaid. On its current trajectory it's going to go BK. The question is actually how do we get these things working until we can actually cut them off?

that he still wants federal control of healthcare (just called RomneyCare instead of ObamaCare),
I just heard him flat out say he will a) repeal Obamacare and b) devolve the issue back to the states where it belongs (he even brought up the 10A. ).

and that he really, really doesn't like renewable energy.
It isn't that he doesn't like it, just that he apparently doesn't believe the Federal Government has a role in pouring venture capital down that hole. I don't think that's an unreasonable opinion.
Here's what will happen if Romney gets elected: very little will change which means the economy doesn't do much and "conservative" policies get blamed for not working (again).
The federal behemoth has had many many many years to get momentum. To expect it to get cut down to nothing in the space of a presidential term is unrealistic.

To me, the main issue revolves around what to do with SS, Medicare, and Medicaid. It's not politically feasible to just cut it all to nothing. That's the sad fact. So the conversation is how can we shore up these programs until the Overton Window shifts and then get rid of them? To me the answer is to grow our way out of this current hole we've been in for four years now (Romney's tax structure changes is a reasonable component to that), and begin to hammer home the idea that these programs are inherently unsustainable...we can shore it up here and there but the end game has to be to terminate them.

Because Romney is right...there is a sizeable bloc of people out there who think government exists to give them stuff. Once in office he's got to figure out a way to get them on a path to empowerment, probably against their wills, and make them see that a life of self-sufficiency is much better than a life of dependency. And again, this is a long term project but it's something we really need to get started on now.

Edited in italics above to finish a phrase...sorry about that.
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