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Originally Posted by beforeobamabans View Post
The only solution to our economic mess is dramatic reductions in spending with equally dramatic reductions in taxes. Why? Government spending is stimulative, it just isn't very efficient. When you reduce it, you need to replace with a more efficient stimulus, which is putting the money back into the hands of private enterprise where it will be spent to grow businesses. Has this ever been done? Yes. Study the depression of 1920 in the wake of the progressive Wilson and the measures instituted by Coolidge that resulted in the Roaring 20's.

Romney is only slightly closer to this than Obama. His prescriptions are weak and really won't solve the country's problems. Many here think he can be a placeholder until something more conservative comes along but what will happen is, when he fails, the pendulum will swing harder to the left and there will be no chance for a true conservative reformer.
But back in 2008 the argument was that four years of Obama would allow the pendulum to swing very hard to the right and a "true conservative" would emerge.

I'm not sure why the Libertarian Right keeps asking me to let Obama win.

I agree that government spending must decrease, and decrease a lot. The problem however is twofold. This isn't like a SimCity game where you can just push a button and things happen. There are political realities, and as Romney said, 47% of the electorate honestly believe government is there to provide bennies to people. Frankly, four straight years of chronic under/unemployment will do that to people.

So I disagree. The first step is to get the jobs picture fixed, and that necessarily means structural changes to the tax code to incentivize investment and hard work. The second is to put SS/Medicare/Medicaid on a terminal path, but that's not going to happen as long as there are millions of baby boomers out there demanding their stuff (Hell, read posts from Trew2Life for a disturbing view into this mentality). So the unfortunate reality is to try and make the programs solvent in the short term while setting the stage for their eventual demise. Is Romney going to do the latter in one or even two terms? I don't think he *can*, but to me it's fantasy to suggest that anyone else can either.

So the here-and-now reality is we can only do short-term monkeying around with discretionary spending, which seems reasonable to me. I don't think we should be pouring $90 billion into alternative energy, not when Canada is right north of us willing to sell us oil. But what we also *can* do is work to shift the Overton Window and make self-sufficiency more palatable to that 47%. Trouble is, it's a hard sell if a significant portion of that 47% don't have jobs.....
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