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Originally Posted by SC Tiger View Post
Unfortunately that is partially true. (NPR's assertion about the opinion on the debate winner)
In a close debate NPR would have a point, but as the debate progressed Obama's body language provided ample evidence he was totally outclassed.

In the last thirty minutes Obama tried to hide his anger and frustration behind his rehearsed smile, but the muscles that bulged at the back of his jaw betrayed his true emotions. His gaze was continually downcast and he appeared to be an errant child in the midst of a well-earned reproach who resented having to suffer the punishment.

Obama's visuals were more telling than his halting, rambling answers to questions and except for NPR no other network dared carrying Obama's water last night. The Radical Left is in total panic this morning, but it's really no surprise that the Myth the Obama Media created years ago crumbled once all of America had the chance to see how ordinary he really is without his prepared scripts and twin teleprompters.

One commentator last night encapsulated Obama's performance as president and why he performed so poorly last night. To paraphrase, "Anyone can be an actor, anyone can play a part." Without his script and props Barack Obama is exposed as merely an actor, not a president. And his anger at being exposed as such for ninety minutes spoke for itself.
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