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Originally Posted by dhgeyer View Post
Well, being a curious sort I just had to know. I took my Glock 19 Gen 4 down into the shop, taped the trigger safety to disable it, checked 5 times to make sure it was empty, set the trigger, and whacked the back of the slide with a mallet (rubber face on one side, plastic face on the other). I tried several times. To my surprise, if I hit it hard enough with the plastic face of the mallet I was able to get the trigger to pull and striker to fall. I got it to do it several times.

I consider myself educated. Yes, the Glock trigger safety is needed and is good design. Thank you, English, for correcting me on this.

As a side note, and more relevant to this thread, I would never modify the trigger safety or any other safety on any gun, especially one I keep in the nightstand or carry. Even if I thought the safety was a total waste (which up until a few minutes ago I did), I still would not touch it. I would be too concerned about legal issues in case of an AD or even an intentional self defense shooting. Even if it were just a range gun or competition gun I wouldn't do it. You can have an AD at the range or in competition as well as anywhere else. Even knowing that what is being discussed here will not affect the function of the trigger safety, and I do believe that, I still wouldn't do it. Once you have made any modification to a safety mechanism the deed is done, and you have given some slimy lawyer all he/she needs to crucify you.
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