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Originally Posted by 8Ring View Post
One other plus for Titegroup is that it meters very consistently. Another "negative" is that it is temperature sensitive, although probably not more than most other powders...

I use it only in 9mm with 124gr and 147gr jacketed bullets.

VV N320 has many of the qualities (yes Fred, qualities... ) of TG and I often get on this forum and expound the virtues of N320 - and perhaps I've found yet another.

I took 30 identical (bunny fart, 147 gr) loads (my usual load) and loaded up 3 mags of 10 rounds each and shot them through a chrono. Before doing so however, I placed one mag on the dashboard of my truck in Florida's direct sun on a hot 92 degree day, one mag in a Ziploc, sitting on ice in a cooler, and the third I took into the air conditioned clubhouse for 2 hours and had lunch and conversation.

Two hours later I walked across the road to shoot and chrono these rounds. Although I didn't measure the surface temps of the rounds, I think the estimated temps are pretty close.

Average 10-rnd results at each cartridge temp w/ N320, 147 gr:

45 deg
Ave Vel 888
ES 48
SD 18

75 deg
Ave Vel 889
ES 54
SD 19

100+ deg
Ave Vel 885
ES 38
SD 12

A statistically insignificant difference from 45 to 100+ degrees with N320 and no positive temperature correlation.


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