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Originally Posted by SJ 40 View Post
If done correctly you are not changing the safety or function of it in any way. It still works as designed all one is doing is cleaning off the moulding flash and sprue,which if the factory cared more than just get the units out the door the trigger safety wouldn't have in the first place. SJ 40
I already said that I understand and believe that what is being described here will not affect the function of the safety or make it less safe. That wasn't really my point.

SCUMBAG LAWYER: Mr. SJ, did you or did you not modify in any way the trigger safety on your Glock pistol?

SJ: Yes sir, but I only took off enough material to deburr the safety and make it more comfortable to shoot.

SCUMBAG LAWYER: And what makes you so certain that what you did in irresponsibly removing material from the Glock designed and manufactured safety mechanism would not affect its function?

SJ: Well, it's well known and has been thoroughly discussed on the Internet forum I participate in. Other than that, I thought about it and I couldn't see the harm.....

And so on. Unless you're a Glock engineer you're not going to win.
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