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Self-Well,I'm home!That was a pain in the butt!
Self-Yes it was,now I know what a NAS-Car driver feels like
with all that head gear !
Self-Yeah but, mine don't come off for 6 weeks!
Self-All this brightness,I need sun glasses!
Self-Yeah but, my head is more like bra size than head size!
Self-Put one of my wife's bras over my eyes!
Self-Well,silly me,I didn't think about that you know ?
Self-What cup size do I think I would be? DDD ...?
Self-At least! It's time,.......and now !
Self-What ? What am I talkin about now?
Self-Happy happy pill time ,that's what !
Self- is , I agree.......
Self-She's looking at me.......weird........?
Self-OK,What's up.why you looking at me like that ?
Wife-You look so .......uncomfortable !
Self-Really ? Dah!Why you think that?Maybe cause my head weighs 300lbs.?
Wife-Anything I can do.......?
Self-Yes ! Your purse,the happy pill,that would help!
Wife-Jumps into the cosmos,her purse and I drool!
Self-Yeap,I am conditioned,call me "Pavlo"......!
Self-Yeap! I here that bottle or every 4 hours,I drool !
Self-I feel so....?.........? What was I talking about ?
Self-Like always,I have no idea,I just follow .
Self-I have no choice , do I ?
Self-No I don't ,no choice at all!
Self-That's right I am stuck with myself "PERIOD" !
Self-I feeling it,the pill,() that's better!
Self-I want to frolick in the falling leaves ........ !
Self-Oh no,the 5 year old is back,isn't he ?
Self-Yes,And I'm starting to like him !
Self-So am I,He's a part of myself I've not seen in years!
Self-Welcome back,long time no see little man !
Wife-You gonna make it OK ...................?
Self-I just look and think,....I'm kinda commited yes?
Self-Yeah,you no me,nails!Not to worry dearest!
Self-Now she's treating me like a 5 year old,good!
Self-Yes,baby me baby!Is it time time for woe is me crap?
Self-Nauh, latter when I really need it,the cup only so deep!
Self-Funny how this whole things work,I went from mule to
poor poor dango,I have power in this woe is me crap!
Self- Hmmm? Mule to king ! I must ponder this,later !
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