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Speer Plastic bullets

Speer still sells plastic "practice" bullets that use only a Large Pistol primer for propellant. For .38/.357 they sell a "case" which is red - 50 to a box I think; the "bullet" is black and wadcutter like - also 50 to a box (again, from memory, might be just 25 per box). Midway sells these and I think Brownell's does too but you should check.

These work well; cut a nice hole in a target and, if you pack a cardboard box with old rags, you can recover the "bullet" and load it again. Accurate out to 7 yards.

Your reloading "kit" for this is an ice pick to remove the spent primer and a piece of wood to "seat" a replacement new primer.

Don't be fooled by the primer only power - you do not want to be shot with this round.

Works great in revolvers. For semi-autos Speer sells just the "bullet" part. You use a case of the proper caliber, drill out the flash hole as per the instructions from Speer and use your gun as a single shot practice gun.

I have no idea about "lead exposure" but I have used those rounds for many years in both my house, garage and basement. Noise is noticeable but not enough to require hearing protection. Eye protection is a must, however.

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